Congratulations on the decision to build your new home. Below is a guide to help you though the process. We understand that you are new to building, but keep in mind that this is what we do everyday.

  1. Meet the builder and his staff. Discuss your objectives. Included in this meeting is location, budget, features and design.
  2. Select (or bring us) a plan. Make it yours by creating or modifying features that reflect how you want to live in your home.
  3. Ratify a contract. After the plan details are solidified, put it in writing!
  4. Break ground and watch the foundation “cut” into the earth.
  5. Frame the house and get a roof on her! What was on paper, now takes shape as your new home!
  6. While the house is being built, meet the builder representative to select interior finishes such as cabinets, countertops, carpet, tile, appliances, and paint color.
  7. While the interior is being completed, the exterior is also being completed to your specifications.
  8. After all selections are installed and interior painting is completed, the pre-settlement walk through will take place.
  9. Gibson Homes will further inspect all areas of the home for client satisfaction.
  10. Establish accounts and have the utilities transferred to your name.
  11. Settlement with your local attorney or settlement agency takes place and the deed is recorded.
  12. The house is yours!
  13. Move in and enjoy years of health and happiness in your new Gibson home!
  14. Remember that we will be here for you, even after your home is built. Contact us anytime.