Gibson Homes builds to EarthCraft Standards

A Gibson home with EarthCraft certification is one that has been designed, and built, to suit the unique climate conditions of the Southeast (specifically central Virginia). We are one of the few builders that have exceeded these standards for years. One example is that our walls have cellulose insulation with an R21 rating (current 2012 code is R13).

Our homes are built for energy, water and resource efficiency. One of the key factors is that our homes are air-tight and designed with enhanced indoor air quality.

What this means to your family is a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

What are the benefits of an EarthCraft home?

  • Lower utility costs
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced home maintenance requirements
  • Higher resale value

Savings to you

(Reference: below is from Earthcraft Virginia website)

If rising energy costs concern you, take a closer look at EarthCraft. You’ll find that EarthCraft saves you money on your energy bills from day one.

That’s because EarthCraft projects reflect a comprehensive approach to building. They’re sealed to prevent hot and cold air leaks, and outfitted with energy-efficient lighting and appliances, all for year-round comfort and savings.

And if maintenance and repairs are taking a bite out of your wallet, you’ll especially appreciate the durability and high quality construction that EarthCraft represents. Low-maintenance living was never so comfortable!