Builder in Charlottesville Wendell Gibson

For over 20 years in Charlottesville, Albemarle and surrounding counties, Wendell Gibson has established himself as the areas premiere small builder by word of mouth. No heavy advertising campaign has sold his houses; his clients have. Just ask Carolyn and Joseph Warden. “We selected Wendell Gibson as our builder on the basis of our prior visits to new developments in the Charlottesville area and on the advice of our realtor who has worked with a number of builders in the area and is knowledgeable about new home construction in Central Virginia.”

Mr. and Mrs. Warden chose Charlottesville as their retirement destination so a house of great quality and energy efficiency was most important to them. “From our survey of builders, we could immediately eliminate a number of firms based on construction practices. In short, Gibson’s construction practices seemed to feature higher standards. The core energy efficiency for his houses is a standard feature.” Upon completion of construction, an energy audit was included with the Earthcraft Virginia certification of the Warden’s new home. Their ‘five star plus’ HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score directly correlated with their electricity bill being about $33 for air conditioning usage during the month of July, 2012, the hottest month ever on record in Virginia!

Nearly a year after moving into their new home in Charlottesville, Mr. Warden reflects upon the experience with Gibson Homes as a happy, satisfied client. “We relocated to Charlottesville from upstate New York hence our visits during the building process were sporadic and time limited. Wendell was quite amenable at rearranging his schedule to meet with us whenever we could come to Charlottesville. He was never skimpy on time with us. In addition much of the construction process was documented by pictures Wendell sent to us. We are pleased with our new abode and would heartily recommend Gibson Homes to prospective buyers.”

For more references and to schedule a personal meeting with Wendell Gibson, please call his Downtown Charlottesville office at 434-293-4542. No superintendent. No middle man; just you and Wendell Gibson working together to achieve a common goal. He built the Warden’s dream home. He can build yours.